Adam Little —
User Experience Design

Online Shopping in Zimbabwe

Leading a two week user research study to better understand how people in Zimbabwe buy and sell goods online and opportunities for a mobile e-commerce platform.

Off Grid Electric

Redesigning the mobile app that OGE's network of agents use to help deliver solar power to off the grid customers across Tanzania.

Pride Microfinance

Creating a new financial product that leverages mobile money to help customer's in rural Uganda build more secure savings.

Centenary Bank

Integrating mobile money solutions into the bank's product porfotlio to better reach and serve people living in rural Uganda.

Grameen Koota

Working with a team at Grameen Foundation's AppLab Money: India and using human-centered design to identify opportunities for a regional microfinance institution develop new products for customer's living in rural India.

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Urban Collab Lab: Kampala

Working with Little Cloud Collective to organize and facilitate a two-day workshop that taught user-centered design to students from Women In Technology Uganda, while exlporing topics related to health, safety, and culture in Kampala.

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Making Mobile Devices Accessible

Helping a global electronics manufacturer develop strategies and concepts to make mobile devices more accessible for people with disabilities.

Realism in Design @ Interaction 13

Presenting “Realism in Design: Communicating Authentic Experiences for the Real World” at the Interaction 13 conference in Toronto, which offered ways that designers can make their stories more authentic by drawing inspiration from artists and filmmakers working within the realm of Realism.

Time Warner Cable

A multi-screen product strategy for digital cable and the design of new user experiences for TV, iPad, iPhone and the web.

TRX Digital Strategy

A forward-looking digital strategy that would allow the brand to sustain and expand its position in the functional training space with new digital tools and platforms.

Let's Get Physical (with Services)

An article for Method’s 10×10 series and published on Fast Company’s design blog, it describes how the latest technology is allowing product brands to offer customers intangible services, and how they can create a strategic advantage by thinking with a service mindset.

Meet the Food You Eat

An exploration in physical computing and an interactive prototype that addresses the future of grocery shopping and product sustainability in a world of networked objects.

McCullum Youth Court

Working with a team of pro-bono consultants to redesign the website of the McCullum Youth Court, an Oakland nonprofit offering 1st time youth offenders a second chance through restorative justice and peer accountability.

Crafting innovative technology for everyday life through the design of people-friendly products, services and software.

Adam Little is a designer whose work focuses on the experiences that people have with digital products and services. Over the past year, Adam has worked with Grameen Foundation's AppLabs in Uganda and India to help financial institutions deliver mobile financial products for the rural poor.

Prior, Adam worked in the role of Senior Interaction Designer at Method where he collaborated with a range of global brands including Google, Samsung, Microsoft, Time Warner Cable, LG, Avid, Intuit, BSkyB, Whole Foods, Barnes & Noble, TRX and Marimekko.

He is a graduate of the Copenhagen Institute of Interaction Design, a master's level education being co-created by an international group of students, faculty and design professionals.

Adam enjoys human-centered design in collaborative, multicultural and cross disciplinary teams and projects that make meaningful uses of technology to address people's everyday needs.