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Adam Little @ CIID
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Get Together

Get Together

Get Together, my final project at CIID, is now online. Thanks to everyone who helped along the way, whether it was acting in my videos, participating in my research experiments or putting up with a bombardment of text messages. And thanks to everyone that visited our end of year exhibition!

Keyless: The Movie is a tribute to all my classmates and the number of video scenarios we created over the past year. But mostly it’s a bunch of inside jokes ;)


21 interaction design students explore the relationship between people, society and technology.

The Danish Design School and Copenhagen Institute of Interaction Design will celebrate and showcase the work of Pilot Year students that came from ten different countries to study on the collaborative and intensive interaction design programme.

The students have come up with an array of projects that demonstrate the multidisciplinary and questioning nature of Interaction Design and Service Design. Through a people-centred approach and taking cues from social and environmental sustainability, audio, information visualisation, and the influence of technology - the twenty-one students have devised visionary working prototypes and produced video scenarios as their final projects.

From systems for the integration of climate refugees, to specially designed windows that question the notion of curiosity; from wearable technology, to a series of devices that can enable new interactions with light & sound - these projects consider new technology, concepts and working prototypes that address social, cultural and business issues.

As well as the final projects, there will be a chance to see videos and documentation of other workshops from the pilot year including industry-facing projects with Nokia, Novo Nordisk, Intel and DSB.

Save a date:

Opening: 27th August 3-6pm
(Then from Friday 28th August - Sunday 6th September, open from 11:30am-5pm)

Kunstindustrimuseet (The Danish Museum of Art & Design)
Bredgade 68 / 1260 København K

More detailed information to follow soon.

I’ve been working hard on Get Together, a service I am designing for my final project at CIID. Here is a short video I produced as a prototype exploring the whole service from start to finish. Since creating this video I have begun refining the service and designing high res interfaces for all the touchpoints which will be used in a video scenario. I have also been working on setting up a basic group SMS system as a way to prototype the user experience.

More to come very soon…



Our last class at CIID was an industry project with Nokia. In under two weeks, Nunzia Coco and I conducted user research, built prototypes and produced three different video scenarios. I just added the project to my porfolio, so go check it out!

I also updated the Thailand project with some photos, so you can check that out as well.

Special Moments by Sony Design

Special Moments by Sony Design

Sony Design has published some new concept projects, one of which focuses on Interaction Design. The Interaction Design project showcases a variety of explorations including Special Moments about “bookmarking” everyday life by incorporating sounds recorders into candles and bookmarks. But what I really enjoyed seeing was their “about Interaction Design” page:

As new technology is developed, we are constantly reevaluating the place of possessions (such as electronics) in our lives. Times are changing, and what makes our possessions valuable to us no longer depends on the things themselves. More than ever, we value the interactivity of things in our lives.

Interaction design will undoubtedly keep pace with the development of digital technology, advancing rapidly. But these advances must not overwhelm users. Instead, we must imagine the ideal role of technology in our lives. For digital content to play an enriching role in our lives, we must seek the kind of interaction design that reflects a new value system, one that strikes a chord with our senses and sensibilities.

Next-generation design development at Sony is focused on creating effective interaction design, tried and tested through rapid prototyping, in order to shape new lifestyles.

Via Interaction Design Umea

Following up on the previous post about CIID at the Reboot Festival in Copenhagen, this video is an example of the kind of prototyping we were doing for Reboot participants.

Nina, Ashwin and I helped Tor Nørrentranders, one of the festival’s keynote speakers, prototype a way for children to ask him science questions over the web. Tor is well known in Denmark for his children’s books which illustrate some of life’s bigger questions (why is the sky blue?) in a child friendly way. Now Tor is interested in using video and the web so that children can send him questions directly.

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