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Right before Easter holiday was the Innovation Lab’s NEXT exhibit/conference in Århus, Denmark where we exhibited Meet the Food You Eat. Several of our classmates exhibiting their own projects (Bunny Bot, CALEN3DAR and Compound Eye) were there as well.

Mimi Son made the above video that covers all the CIID projects and several of the others. Below are photos of some of my favorite projects.


Children playing with a PlayAlive demo

Not the best photo but a really neat project by a Danish company called PlayAlive who make “intelligent playground equipment.” It is essentially a large, playground style jungle-gym equipped with electronic pads (pictured above) that light up and make sounds to create different games. Children have to run and climb around the playground in order to hit the pads. It is sort of like a massive, multi-player Bopit in which kids actually get exercise.

Remote Impact by Distance Lab

A child playing Remote Impact by Distance Lab

Remote Impact is another computer based game that requires physical activity. It was the developed by the Distance Lab, a research group in Scotland that develops technology and products around the theme of distance. Remote Impact is a boxing game in which opponents fight eachother remotely. The game works by punching a life size silhouette of your opponent as he moves around, and the harder you punch the soft screen, the stronger your virtual punch will be.

The coughing plant from Smoke Viz by Kitchen Budapest

Mimi sprays canned smoke on the coughing plant by Kitchen Budapest

The Coughing Plant was my favorite project by Kitchen Budapest eventhough it was probably their simplest. The idea is easy… a sensor inside the plant detects smoke and a hidden speaker makes a coughing noise. They had another version in the form of a picture frame hanging outside the building entrance where all the smokers were, but picture frames don’t breath and plants do. Maybe they could have made a dog collar???

After Life by Auger-Loizeau

The AfterLife coffin

James Auger and Jimmy Loizeau created AfterLife, a coffin that uses a decomposing body’s biomass to recharge batteries. This was situated next to a similar project (that I assume was by the same artists) that was a motorized sticky fly trap. It was able to collect all of the dead flies and use their bodies to charge a small digital clock.

Before the exhibit opened, Preben Meyer (director of the Innovation Lab) demoed three projects from the exhibit on Good Morning Denmark. One of these was Meet the Food You Eat!

He also brought it on another television show filmed in Århus.

NEXT Conference/ExhibitionI am happy to share that Eilidh, Sid and I have been invited to exhibit Meet the Food You Eat at the Innovation Lab’s NEXT exhibtion, April 2 - 5 in the city of Århus.

A dozen of the most daunting international  minds on business, technology and invention will take the conference stage. And 100 of the most perspectivating, forward facing  and unexpected uses of new technology is drawn from research labs, startups, and R&D facilities from around the globe, to be showcased, tried, discussed and probably fixed a few times during the four day exhibition.

I am glad they chose to include that line about fixing things ;) Anyway, we will be joined by a few classmates exhibiting their own projects, Bunny Bot, CALEN3DAR and Compound Eye.

Exhibition flier

Exhibition flier

Friday night was our first major exhibition and I would say it was quite a success. We opened our studio to the public and exhibited all 9 projects from our month long TUI course.

Keep reading to see photos of a few of the project…

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“We’re using bodies evolved for hunting, gathering, and gratuitous violence for information- age tasks like word processing and spreadsheet tweaking.”

- David Liddle (as quoted in Tap is the New Click, a presentation by Dan Saffer)

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Exercise 3 - People As Data and 12 posters

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As planned, tomorrow is our first exhibit of work. From the course syllabus

The course will end in an exhibition of selected results from all three exercises. Exercise #1 will be presented as a hands-on piece where visitors can try the execution of the code themselves. The results can be put up on the wall by using a ring-binder-mechanism. Exercise #2 will be presented in an arrangement of several computers, running different applications, while receiving the same data from one single object, placed in front of them. Exercise #3 will be framed in picture frames and hung up on the wall.

Photos to arrive afterwards.

Tuesday night marked the beginning of the open lecture series organized by CIID and DKDS. The lecture was titled “It’s More Fun to Compute” and was given by The Product aka Dennis and Patrick aka our instructors of the past two weeks.

Speaking on the topic of computational design, they exhibited a variety of projects from across several disciplines while also discussing their own studio’s output. Listed below are some of my favorite examples of computational/procedural/generative projects from their lecture, plus some more that I stumbled upon over the past week. Enjoy!

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