Special Moments by Sony Design

Special Moments by Sony Design

Sony Design has published some new concept projects, one of which focuses on Interaction Design. The Interaction Design project showcases a variety of explorations including Special Moments about “bookmarking” everyday life by incorporating sounds recorders into candles and bookmarks. But what I really enjoyed seeing was their “about Interaction Design” page:

As new technology is developed, we are constantly reevaluating the place of possessions (such as electronics) in our lives. Times are changing, and what makes our possessions valuable to us no longer depends on the things themselves. More than ever, we value the interactivity of things in our lives.

Interaction design will undoubtedly keep pace with the development of digital technology, advancing rapidly. But these advances must not overwhelm users. Instead, we must imagine the ideal role of technology in our lives. For digital content to play an enriching role in our lives, we must seek the kind of interaction design that reflects a new value system, one that strikes a chord with our senses and sensibilities.

Next-generation design development at Sony is focused on creating effective interaction design, tried and tested through rapid prototyping, in order to shape new lifestyles.

Via Interaction Design Umea

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