Adam Little

I am an independent designer whose work focuses on the experiences that people have with digital products and services. Working internationally, I collaborate with mission-driven organizations that are addressing people's everyday needs through meaningful applications of technology.

Photo by Raïsa Mirza

I have a decade of experience designing digital products and services with a special focus on human-centered design for international organizations working in the areas of alternative energy, financial inclusion and global health. Based in San Francisco, I have worked in 10 countries including Bangladesh, India, Mozambique, Niger, Pakistan, Tanzania, Uganda and Zambia.

With a background in Interaction Design, I bring a generalist approach having led  research studies, design sprints, capacity building workshops and service design projects.

As a UX Designer, I have designed and prototyped cross-platform digital experiences for a range of clients and services. I was part of a team from Method that redesigned Time-Warner Cable’s digital TV platform across web, mobile, tablet and smart TV platforms. As a lead designer at Grameen Foundation’s AppLab, I designed and prototyped mobile financial services for people living on less than $2.00 per day. Most recently, I worked with GRID Impact to design and test an online tool that helps caseworkers at social service agencies in San Francisco connect their clients to legal aid services.

My design process is characterized by iterative prototype testing that often starts with low-fidelity, analog prototypes that invite users to be co-designers and moving to high-fidelity, interactive prototypes that test the usability of the designs.

I am currently available for freelance and contract based work.

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