Copenhagen Institute of Interaction Design

Leading workshops at CIID including Design for Behavior and Impact, People-Centered Research and Video Prototyping.

CIID Interaction Design Programme and the CIID Summer School

The Copenhagen Institute of Interaction Design is a multicultural, multidisciplinary studio environment where students, faculty and design professionals prototype new products and services.

Since 2015, I have helped lead workshops at CIID's Interaction Design Programme (IDP) and the CIID Summer School. Workshop topics have included video prototyping, people-centered research, behavioral design and social impact.

CIID Summer School 2015
CIID Summer School 2016

Researching opportunities for new microfinance products and digital financial services as a Lead Designer with Grameen Foundation's AppLab.

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Karandaaz Pakistan

Building a UX design toolkit to help mobile money providers in Pakistan make their apps more accessible to first-time smartphone users.

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Colorado Education Initiative

Facilitating the SpaceLab Design Network, a group of educators, administrators, students and parents from across the state of Colorado who are working to tackle complex challenges in the education system.

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