UnSchool of Disruptive Design

Participating in the UnSchool's Emerging Leader's Fellowship in New York, Berlin and San Francisco.

An UnSchool fellow mapping the components of a mobile device during a product lifecycle analysis.

UnSchool's Emerging Leaders Fellowship

The UnSchool of Disruptive Design is a "global experimental knowledge lab for creative rebels and change agents who want to activate their agency and help redesign the world so it works better for all of us." One the UnSchool's signature programs is it's weeklong Emerging Leaders Fellowship. Held in a new city each time, every fellowship is a one-of-a-kind event with unique experiences, mentors and challenges.

I participated in the inaugural fellowship in New York City in 2015 and have since had the honor of helping the UnSchool team organize fellowships in Berlin (2016) and San Francisco (2017).

UnSchool Emerging Leaders Fellowship in San Francisco (2017)

My Role

  • Emerging Leader Fellow (New York City, 2015)
  • Alumni Co-Host (Berlin, 2016)
  • Production Team (San Francisco, 2017)
UnSchool Emerging Leaders Fellowship in Berlin (2016)

Researching opportunities for new microfinance products and digital financial services as a Lead Designer with Grameen Foundation's AppLab.

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Karandaaz Pakistan

Building a UX design toolkit to help mobile money providers in Pakistan make their apps more accessible to first-time smartphone users.

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Colorado Education Initiative

Facilitating the SpaceLab Design Network, a group of educators, administrators, students and parents from across the state of Colorado who are working to tackle complex challenges in the education system.

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